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We at Shalit Carrots specialize in carrots and potatoes under the management of the brothers Noam and Eyal Shalit.

Our father, the late Michael Shalit (Herman) was born in Germany and immigrated to the State of Israel with his parents in 1933, when he was five years old. Upon arriving in Israel, they were pioneers and founders Moshav Gan HaShomron. Our mother, Yael Shalit Sadwin (nee: Neeman) was born and raised in Tel Aviv. Our parents developed their farm in Gan HaShomron at the end of the 50s.  They planted Apricot and Loquat fruit orchards and raised chickens for breeding.
Our father, who served as a front line soldier, was killed during the Six Day War in 1967. Three years later, our mother moved with us to Central Israel leaving our Gan HaShomron farm.

In 1979, after completing our military service, we decided to return to the farm at Gan HaShomron in order to continue the legacy of our father and his vision of innovative Israeli agriculture. Upon returning to the farm, we tended to the orchards that our father planted and decided to grow various crops such as potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes.

In 1981, we began growing carrots, and since that time carrots have become our major crop. Our expertise and specialization in one crop has resulted in achieving better and sweeter varieties of carrots that look more appealing. Our expertise also extends to the washing and packing processes, which provide our clients with the best form, taste and freshness achievable in a carrot. Our unique packing and transportation via refrigerated trucks to various markets keep our carrots in perfect and fresh condition.

During 2008, we constructed a new packing facility in nearby Pardes-Hanna, which is among the largest and the most innovative in Israel.


We grow carrots in various regions of Israel-
In the North: in the Hula Valley and the Yizrael Valley.
In the Center: in the Sharon and Hadera Regions, Pardes-Hanna and Binyamina.
In the South: in the Beer Sheva and Western Negev Regions and the Southern Hebron Mountain.

This wide distribution of carrot fields enables us to control the cultivation and growth to perfection. We optimize the utilization of the various types of soil and climates available to us. This way, we achieve the best results and maintain a uniform product. Our carrots are of the highest quality all year round. Our packing facility provides carrots to all our clients twelve months a year. We are meticulous about the quality of our products and our quick and reliable service.
We harvest our carrots between October and July, thus providing fresh carrots ten months a year.  We market carrots, which have retained their freshness by refrigeration, during August and September.

נועם ואייל שליט
איסוף גזר

Mailing address: Moshav Gan HaShomron POB 5126 zip code 3882500  

Tel: 04-6379191  |  Fax: 04-6272189

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