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shallit carrots

Marketing & Exporting

The local market

  • Wholesale markets

  • Marketing and distribution chains

  • Private chains and stores

  • Institutions


The carrots are shipped in cooled containers in a continuously cooled transport chain, from our cooling facility on site to the cargo bay of the ship. We have a unique bespoke container-loading machine built for us as part of our cooling facility. Transport trucks enter the cooling facility and are directly connected to the  loading bay, so that cooling conditions are maintained at all times. The loading of the carrots into the container is overseen by our professional supervisor, to ensure that the cooling chain remains unbroken and that the quality of the carrots is strictly maintained.

Mailing address: Moshav Gan HaShomron POB 5126 zip code 3882500  

Tel: 04-6379191  |  Fax: 04-6272189

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