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shallit carrots

Packing Facility

Our packing facility is one of the largest and most innovative in Israel. We use the most advanced washing, sorting and packing machines to handle our produce. We strive to minimize the time it takes from the moment that the carrot is extracted from the soil until it reaches our packing facility. Our involvement and control of each aspect of the process enables us to ensure excellence. We strictly maintain the cooling chain inside the packing facility, from washing to packing, to ensure that the quality of the carrots is maintained. Our advanced cooling facility is specifically designed to keep carrots cool and fresh at an optimal temperature until they are delivered to their destination.

Sorting                                                      Conveyor Belts                                          Packing Facility                                         Cooling Facility

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Mailing address: Moshav Gan HaShomron POB 5126 zip code 3882500  

Tel: 04-6379191  |  Fax: 04-6272189

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