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shallit carrots

Quality Control

BRC GLOBAL certificate
GOLOBAL GAP certificate
LAB PATH certificate

Supervisors inspect our fields frequently and provide detailed instructions to ensure our uncompromising standards and quality. Our professionals execute such instructions in strict compliance with the provisions of the Lab-Path Mark and with Global-Gap and BRC global standards. We strictly monitor, test and control our crops and packing processes to comply with those standards and to ensure that the client receives a healthy, tasty and nutritious carrot, pursuant to the client’s form and quality requirements.
The extraction of the carrot from the soil is done using innovative proprietary harvesting technology, and not by hand.

Prior to marketing, a sample of the produce is sent to an independent laboratory for certification that the carrots are pesticide free and ready to eat.

Mailing address: Moshav Gan HaShomron POB 5126 zip code 3882500  

Tel: 04-6379191  |  Fax: 04-6272189

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