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shallit carrots

Shallit Carrots

Professionalism, commitment, innovation, reliability and quality
Shallit Carrots

Shallit Carrots, under the management of the brothers Noam and Eyal Shalit, specializes in carrots and potatoes. We grow carrots throughout Israel - in the Northern, Central and Southern regions.

This wide distribution of carrot fields enables us to control the cultivation and growth to perfection. We optimize the utilization of the various types of soil and climates available to us. This way, we achieve the best results and maintain a uniform product. Our carrots are of the highest quality all year round. Our packing facility provides carrots to all our clients twelve months a year. We are meticulous about the quality of our products and our quick and reliable service.

About Us

Our staff is personally involved in all stages of growing the carrots that we market. As experts in growing carrots, we select the varieties as well as the fields. We harvest, with special attention to uniformity and high quality for local consumption and export. We continuously supply healthy, nutritious and tasty carrots all year round.
We carefully examine and select the land for our carrots in the Pardes-Hanna and Hedera regions where the soil is light and highly fertile.

In addition, we grow spring potatoes of the red and white varieties.

Marketing & Exporting

Our uncompromising marketing, export and quality control procedures further ensure the quality, taste and nutritional value of our carrots.

Marketing & Exporting
Contact Us

Our address:
Pica Road Pardes-Hanna, Karkur
Mailing address:
Moshav Gan HaShomron POB 5126 zip code 3882500  

Tel: 04-6379191  |  Fax: 04-6272189

thanks, we will conact you soon

Packing facility & Products
Contact Us
Packing facility

Our packing facility is among the largest and most innovative

in Israel.


We provide packaging according to the requirements of our clients at our state of the art facility.

Mailing address: Moshav Gan HaShomron POB 5126 zip code 3882500  

Tel: 04-6379191  |  Fax: 04-6272189

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